North to Alaska


Maturing Primate
I stopped by Smoking Joe's shop over the weekend. Located on Hufmann road in south Anchorage next to the McDonalds.

A small shop, only been open a month now. They have a few cabinet humidors of cigars and carry some well known brands. A.F, Ashton, CAO, RyJ, H. Upmann, among others.

They by far have the best looking shopkeeper of all the cigar stores in Anchorage. Very pretty lady who enjoys cigars. Had a nice chat with her while I looked over the shop. One thing that was kinda strange is that their walk in holds the roll your own and swishers and such, while the good stuff is in the cabinet humidors.

If you happen to get a place in south Anchorage, be sure and check them out.
Hmm... I;ll be checking them out for sure as that is where we are looking for a house. In-laws are on lower hillside off of Abbott and Bro-in law is going to be in that area as well. Don't know anyone with a 4 BDRM, 3 BTH, 3 CARGRG in that area do you? Property values have almost doubled over the past 5 years!