So the other day i picked up some nubs form my local B&m (3 for $10 who wouldn't) I got talking with the owner and he said that they will stand up on their ash if you don't mess with it. I didn't believe him so i went home and tried and here are some pictures.


After taking this picture i was told that nub stands dont count unless the ash is longer then the rest of the cigar so a little while later i took this one.


Shortly after this I ashed all over myself! It was a snowstorm to say the least!

Lets see some of your nub stands :)


Lowland Gorilla
Nice pics of the nub stand. I've done it also while herfing with TripleF. Didn't take any pics though.


it was the cameroon torp nub

better get that perscription filled they are there as far as i can see

No picture No happened :-D


ChestBeating Bruin!
Sweet pics. I lthink I like the ash tray version of the nub stand more than the keg stand version. :r


Maybe I need a new prescription, but I don't see any pics...

Me neither, but I know why....

This has happened to me a lot & then I realized I mostly check CS while at work (do you?) - If you do, then your firewall (like mine) is likely blocking the pics. Some come through, it all depends on the way they're posted to the thread...some use photobucket (BLOCKED), some post directly to the thread (pics show up).

Hope that helps!