Oakbrook Terrace - Stogies


Young Chimp
17W420 22nd St
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
(630) 834-5200

I bought a box here a couple years back and really liked it. Nice liitle place. This last Thursday I took my wife to dinner in Oakbrook and stopped back there. Great selection, good prices, and a hot little blonde working the counter...... I don't know what her accent was but she was hot. Good thing the wife waited in the car.

I live near Joliet and hope to hit a few more local B&M's soon. Somebody else listed Joes in Joliet and I agree that it's also a nice little and that the owner is a really nice guy. I stopped in when i was smoking a pipe and they gave me great service and advice.

I hope to hit a few more local places soon including a new shop in Mokena called Cigar Masters.
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Maturing Primate
My girlfriend bought my first humidor from here. It was a nice shop. I have not been there for a long time.

Hot blonde working the counter.. NICE!


Taters of the Lost Ark
there are about 4-5 of these scattered around the Western burbs.

The owner likes to recruit Russian gals to work his stores.


Mid 20's Gorilla
Haven't checked out Stogies yet but you may want to try Belicosos in Orland Park. Not the cheapest place I've ever bought cigars from but its a nice place to hang out and smoke (nice lounge area) and they have a nice selection as well.