Oliva V Lancero


I picked this stick up @ Taboo a while back when they had a good deal on them.

The first thing I noticed about this stick was that it had a lot of soft spots (disclaimer: I have not smoked a lancero before so this may be normal on a smaller RG cigar)

The draw was more tight then what I was used to (again this may be a lancero thing) and didnt have anything to see if it was plugged or to alleviate the issue.

The taste of the cigar was good. Nothing too overpowering and it seemed to keep the same flavor profile throughout the stick.

As the stick burned the heat intensity picked up a notch but never got overpowering and I could get more of a feeling for the flavor of the stick

As much ash as i could get before it would fall off.

I dont know if I would buy this particular size again. (Maybe if I got a good deal on one) but I look forward to trying the figurado I picked up also.


Icehog '08 YES WE CAN!!!
Nice review. I hqave also noticed that these seem soft in spots. They are really the only "V" that I like though.


Fuente Whore
The Lanceros tend to have minor construction issues. I have smoked many of these bad boys (including one just last night) and a lot of them are too soft or too tight... but they are damn tasty and my favorite in the "v" line too.

So don't base the lanceros off one bad smoke. My first one was one of the worst cigars ever constructed... it had a triple tunnel going on as if they were asleep when rolling it and forgot to add the filler lol... it was an experience.. but some of them have been 10/10 good! :ss


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Thanks for the great review!

After smoking a number of these my favorite from the line is the Churchill. A close second is the Figurado and then the Bellicoso. The one Lancero that did not have any issues was good but the rest had draw and burn problems.


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I didn't care for the V lancero. I like the other sizes. The lancero had a ton of burn problems.
Although I haven't run into any burn problems with the Lanceros I think the other sizes definitely taste better. And I like Lanceros in general.


My Other Brother Darrell
Nice Review!!!:tu

You experienced many of the traits of a Lancero!!!

Two of my favorite Vs the Lancero and Fig!!! Yummy!!!:dr


Nice review, I smoked my first one last night and really enjoyed. It didn't have any draw or burn problems and I will be buying more of them. It's a very good cigar at a reasonable price. :tu


nice review,I smoked one of these last night and draw was good. did any one else pick up coffee and nutty flavors (cashew)?