Olivia O Classic Ole


CS Cog
Nicaraguan puros have been getting a lot of attention from me recently. I've enjoyed Flor de Olivias so expected nothing less with this stick.

The wrapper and construction are beautiful. Nice sheen, very smooth with a nice wrapper color. Clipped very well. The cigar burned dead even all the way down, had a semi-tight draw, but nothing bad enough to complain to about.

Flavors were great. Had the Nicaraguan profile with more complexity. Started off with an earthy, leathery type of consistency and molded into a caramel/toffee taste from the middle onward. The finish tasted of black coffee. I would classify this cigar as medium to full leaning more to the medium side. I will definitely try more of these and pick up the Maduro and Master Blends as well.


Punch Suckling in Brain
I love the Classic O. They have a great flavor, have had a nice burn and have been consistant through and through.
The only problem I seem to have with them is I can't keep them in the humidor.


CS Cog
It's funny because I was reading the Cigar Aficionado with MJ on the cover at the same time I was smoking this. That issue gave this cigar a 92 at the top of the Robustos and I finally agreed with one of their reviews on flavor.


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I really enjoy these. And the Bolds too. I grabbed a handful of the maddies and I dunno - the flavor was strong and muddy. Letting the rest of them sit for a while.


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I smoked the maddy and it kicked my ass, but a very nice smoke.
Thanks for the review Daniel


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The oliva classic O is hands down my favorite cigar. I get mine for about $5.45 what a great deal on a near perfect cigar.