Opus X!?!?


I love Opus, by far my favorite cigar. I had a Perfection X with 4 years on it, it was by the far the best cigar I have ever had. I tend to hunt them down, keep them in my humidor for 1+ years before smoking. I dont like them fresh, but with age on them they are amazing.

I do love the Anejos as well, wish I had more of them around.


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At this point, I like to give Opus 2-4 years in the humi. They're too powerful fresh (I can handle it, it's just got too much power and it masks the flavor). Also, I've been smoking more and more ISOMs, so without that "twang," it seems an NC cigar just doesn't quite cut it for me.


I was not impressed. For $15 I can buy a Habanos Torres cigar that would please me more. I have only had a fresh Opus and found it similar to DPG Black label which is quite a bit more affordable. I have yet to try an aged Opus.


The first Opus I had was harsh, bitter, and tar leaked out the end and onto my lips and hands, staining them yellow. I gave up on them for a while. Then I saw an Opus mini-Beli in my B&M in VA for ~$10 and thought, "What the hell, everyone else seems to like them, I will give it a shot." I got it home and then let it rest for almost year...it was pretty good. The flavor was rich and bold, yet smooth and never harsh, the burn was razor sharp and it was an overall great experience. If it was a $5 cigar, I would have been all over a box, but at $10 its right at the limit of what it did for me. At the $30+ prices here in HI, I will pass very quickly and stick to some cheaper, better smokes.


Fresh Opus put me on my tail and took me a year to go back to one. Once I returned I just can't get enough. Hands down one of the best cigars with a lil age, But that's just me and my :2

I agree as when you let these babies mature they are one of the best cigars out there but hate the high pricing they put on them. When I go thru Florida on my vacations there is a B&M that always have them available for MSRP and I buy about a dozen of them and the maturing process begins again and each year I have at least a dozen that come due. Talk about crop rotation.


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Some love 'em, some don't. I'm personally a fan. I like the strength if i'm in the mood and think they have good flavor. Then again I like most Fuentes (big fan of the 858's and Short Stories).


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I'm not a fan either. They just don't do it for me, especially at that price. For the prices they charge in CA, i can get 3 Tatuaje's and i'll enjoy those Tat's alot more than the Opus.


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IMHO, Opus are good, if you can find them at MSRP... Anything above MSRP, and they are no longer worth it. I don't buy them, because most shops WAY overcharge for them.