Opusx "power Ranger"


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Last night for the 4th I smoked a OPUSX. I was lucky enough to get this from Tidefan73. If I could bump Tidefan's RG I would but I don't think I have enough to do that yet.

Looking at it I almost didn't want to smoke it. It was very easy to cut even with my 2 dollar duel blade cutter.

Even though it was small it lasted almost an hour.

When I rolled it in my fingers there were no soft spots just a well made cigar. Lighting it and taking the first draw was surprizingly easy because it was such a firm cigar.

The flavor at first was kind of woodsy with some spice. The aftertaste at first was mellow and hardly even there. The first inch or so would be the last time I taste that woodsy taste. It kind of mellowed out with a spicy taste about half way in. But then it started to grow an aftertaste and some serious spicyness.With about a inch and a half left it started to leave a tickle in my throat. It finshed a very spicy cigar.

It had tons of smoke the whole way through. The ash was peppery gray and black. It grew to almost the halfway mark before falling off on its own.It burned perfectly the whole time.

It was a very well made cigar. If you are looking for a spicy smoke this is the one. I perfer a smoke with a little less spicy and more flavor, but if you like spicy then this is it. To give it a # I would have to say a 7 out of 10. It was well made but not really what I look for in a smoke.
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Craving GOF
The Power Ranger was my favorite Opus X, then I tried the Lancero.

The Power Ranger is now my 2nd favorite Opus.

Thank you for the review.


Maturing Primate
These used to rank near the bottom of my list of favorite Opus X but I just bought a few last week and WOW, they were absolutely fantastic.:tu

I'm at the point where I'll take any Opus X size I can find, I really don't care what size they are.