Padilla Miami 8/11 Lonsdale


Chestbeating Pack Leader
Just had one of these yesterday. This was recommended heavily by the B&M so I gave it a try. Construction was excellent and there was a little pigtail at the cap which I found interesting. The taste was excellent, with aromas of sweet, nutty cream which lasted through the entire smoke. The last third was stronger and spicier. Overall, it was a very smooth smoke which I really enjoyed. The draw was generally good, but was a little tight on the first puff each time (probably because of this size format?). This was my first Padilla and it lived up to expectations. I would definitely try these again and give them a thumbs up. The pricing I found slightly high so is the only thing holding me back from buying a box at the moment.


I have smoked both the lancero and churchill and both don't disappoint. This is currently my favorite pepin smoke. I like this better than the Tatuaje brown label.


Maturing Primate
I just had a Robusto size this Friday night. Pairing it with a few dark beers (Baravian hops variety, I believe...) made the cigar seems like smoother. What I experience during the whole smoking period is the cigar did not change much in flavor. I detected some spice, nice little floral spell, some light barbeque taste. The ash was white, firm all the time, never requiring a touch up. However, I did wish that the cigar had more of a punch or intense flavor in inhaling the smoke through my nose, that would make the smoking experience more interesting and pleasurable. On a scale from 0 to 10, I rated the Robusto Padilla 8/11 a scale of 7.50. I must say that I had a D.R TTT Trinidad size 444 a while ago that my memory recollection told me that it had more of a pick-up flavor and strength that this Robusto. Hopefully other sizes in the Padilla Miami sizes will give more me of a boot in the flavoring dept.

Enjoy your cigar !


Chestbeating Pack Leader
Thanks for the review on the robusto. I was curious about it. For more flavor, perhaps trying a smaller RG might help, like the Lancero or Corono. The Lancero I smoked had lots of flavor. Surprisingly the robusto is the one rated highly by CA I think.


Thanks for the review(s)! A friend recently gifted me one of these in the robusto size. Gonna have to give that a smoke soon!!:ss