Padron 5000


I smoked this cigar on Sunday. Really enjoyed it (Even posted some pics here

It had a very consistent taste and flavor from start to finish. I have read other reviews that talk about spice and creamy flavors but I guess maybe I just haven't developed my pallet enough yet. I just know that I really enjoyed the taste of it.

Burned really well, didn't need any touch-ups. I smoked it till I was burning my fingers. Just didn't want it to end.

Anyways that is my first review....I am sure they will get better with time.


Nice review! I've never smoked any of the 3000-5000 Padrons; I'll have to find a couple!

Big Dawg

Good smoke when you're in the mood for a larger Padron. I normally just go for a 2000 or a delicias and just occasionally reach for a 5000. I've got some in my humi right now that have about 7 months of age - they're smoking very well!


Elder Jungle Leader
Ummmm... I love the 3000's and any other Padron I can get my hands on. I don't think I have hit a 5000 yet. It's on the list now! Thanks alot!!


Dead Man Walking
Stepping up from the 3000 which I have enjoyed I found the 5000 to be more to my me thinking about going out and checking the cooler tonight.


Sloth Smoker
I've smoked a few of the Londres...yep, good stuff. Consistent, one dimensional, but very nice. Great stick- great price.

Also have a Churchill in my humi thanks to Don.

I like the Maduros more than the natties- they have a darker flavour to them- almost "thicker"- maybe "richer" is the better word. Good stuff in either variety though!


Oreo Cookie Blues
This is one of my favorite cigars. It always has a nice, bold flavor that's never over-powering. It's an all-around great cigar, and I'll always buy more. Looks like a fun herf, too! Good review!


Humi Project Leader
Nice review. Have tried a few of the Padrons and they are pretty good. Still looking around on this line for a good sampler to test them out.


I have tried the 2000 before and I have to say from what I rememeber I like the 5000 a lot more

But then again my favorite smoke is my last smoke :)


Evolving Lead Gorilla
I absolutely love the 3000s..

I currently have a 6000 resting that I'm very much looking forward to trying.


Alpha Silverback
I find it amazing that the Padrons' lower line are very good cigars.

I bought a 5'er of the 5000's and have had one and it was just great. There is never any harshness with these smokes and they are soooo relaxing and smooth. They do lack in complexity, but that's alright.

I tried a lower level Fuente and couldn't finish it because of the bitey harshness.

Padron rocks:w


Yeah Padron is incredible I love em just bought a box of 2000M from TNT awesome price there. Arturo Fuente is awesome too but I think anything below a 898 isnt much good. :2

:D :w