Pepin's House & La Gloria Cubana

Texan in Mexico

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Good evening to all!

I will split this into two entries due to the photos...

I was lucky enough to have a few hours between flights in Miami and have heard so much about Pepin and his great cigars so I had to see for myself.

So I get the rental car, light up my Taboo Twist and am on my way! I googlemaped over to the Pepin factory on Calle Ocho and parked right in front.

My slope was about to take on a new verticality, a whole new world has opened up for me!

Stop 1 -

My first stop was the El Credito Cigar Company where Hector (a great guy who really took the time to help me understand) took me through the different blends and sticks.

I walked out with 15 sticks:

7 La Gloria Cubana Series R
2 La Gloria Cubana Piramides Classicas
2 La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda
2 El Credito Maduros
2 El Credito Torpedos
1 El Credito Intl EC Crystal

And Hector gave me a really wooden cool box! :tu

I have attached a few photos.

I hung out for a while and watched as the eleven (11) rollers did their thing.

I really learned alot about these sticks and hope to share some reviews with you guys. Any opinions on these sticks are welcomed!

While I was there, a constant flow of BOTL came through picking up box after box after box.

I will close this entry and add the second featuring Don Pepin's wonderful factory!
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Texan in Mexico

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Stop 2 -

My second stop was the hallowed land of Don Pepin Garcia.

I was like a hungry mongrel out on the street watching the team of rollers inside rolling those sweet pieces of tobacco goodness. I decided to move when all the rollers stopped rolling - they must have seen this before because one of them came out and pointed me towards the little shop next door!

Thank you bagfullofpings for your advice!

I walked out of the little store with 12 sticks:

2 Blacks
2 Whites
2 Blues
2 Vegas Cubanas
2 Series JJ
2 Tat Miami (60 RG!!!)

I will have some free nights on this trip so I hope to post reviews.

I will let you know if I slip into being a Pepin w****, :r!

Thanks again to everyone here at CS for sharing all of your advice and experience, there are so many sticks to smoke out there!!!

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Wow looks like you had a great trip. I sure would not of minded trading places with you. lol ! I bet that was real cool to walk in to a Pepin Factory. And also the other Factory watching them doing their thing. I only seen rolling going on one time in New Orleans at the " Cigar Factory " and it was really cool to see. :tu


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Now THAT's an awesome thing to do between flights!

Can't wait to read your reviews. Oh, and you definitely will become a pepin whore.


I used to like the La Gloria Cubana Serie R #4 (Maduro)..and still think it's a quality smoke.

However, I probably shouldn't of gave up on the Serie R..but when you get a box of "yellow cello's" full of Ashton Aged Maduro #10..I never looked back.

I found out, the longer you let a Maduro sit..the better it is.

Texan in Mexico

Lowland Gorilla
Man Travis, what a time that must have been. Did you get to meet the Don?
Was a great time, worst part was sitting on the plane with those sweet sticks above me in the overhead bin!

Didnt meet the Don - they are doing an event, I think he said Detroit but will definately be back and hopefully meet him on another trip.


I just bought my first La Gloria Cubana Series R
I can't wait, Nice out tonight if the rain holds I might be having this one.