Perdomo Lot 23 Natural or Maduro?

Perdomo Lot 23 Natural or Maduro

  • Natural

    Votes: 19 26.8%
  • Maduro

    Votes: 52 73.2%

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I really like the maduro toro and robustos, but I also like the natural belicosos very much too. And for the price, you can't beat em


I have robustos of both series in my humi but I much prefer the maduro. The maduro has quickly become one of my go to cigars.


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Yeah I smoked the Maduro about a week before I tried the Nat and I think the Maduro built up my expectation for the Nat. Althought I could easily smoke both, I did enjoy the Maddie a bit more. I wish they sold mixed boxes!! Thanks for the feedback guys!:ss


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Surprised to see so many on the maduro side! I prefer the natural but will have to give the maduros another shot.


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At $55 a box, buy them both :tu

Personally I like them both almost equaly. They are both the best smokes for the money out right now. :2


You have said $55 before...where? The Devil site?

What do you like more, the Lot 23 or Oliva Seria O Maduro?

im also interested in this.. im trying to find the best price on the maddie churchills only 3 left in my humi! i found one site selling them around $78