Perdomo Reserve Champagne R


Alpha Silverback
Cigar:Perdomo Reserve Champagne R

Size: 5" X 54

Appearance/Construction: Sound and firm with a very smooth attractive wrapper and the usual couple of veins running nearly the full length. It came in a dark yellow or golden cellophane that was sealed with a "Best of the Best 2005 Robb Report" sticker and sported a very attractive label. The wrapper is USA/Conn Shade, filler and binder are both Nicaraguan.

Where: Out on the patio 62° and 29% humidity with winds from the S at 6 mph.

Drink: Ozarka

Prelight Aroma: Tobacco with a hint of barnyard

Prelight Draw/Taste: I only noticed a hint of leather and the draw was nice, filtered but clean.

Light: Ronson Jetlite with Ronson fuel.

First Impressions: Rich yet mild notes of earth, leather but a more pronounced woody or tannin flavor.

First third: Lots of smoke, but I would not call it creamy as it was a little dry to me and almost seemed dusty. It has a nice pleasing mild aroma and the taste has improved noticeably during after the first half inch. After the first inch, I picked up on light vanilla and nutty flavors and a nice finish. I got a mild burning sensation when I pushed smoke out through my nose to check for more flavors and found more of the sweet vanilla and nutty flavor.

Second third: The wood and leather tastes started to come in a bit more, but there is still a definite sweet, nutty and buttery flavor. I feel this would make an excellent morning cigar to go with coffee, but some of the flavors could be masked if the brew was not mild enough. The dryness of the smoke has all but completely vanished now and is now a little bit creamier. Right around the half way point, I picked up a very light coffee taste.

Final third: Here it developed a richer and thicker body and the smoke could be described as nothing less than creamy. A lot more of a good quality tobacco taste is coming through. Clearly this is the best part of the cigar to me, as is most often the case . The nutty flavor now has a toasty warmth to it and while any hint of earth or vanilla seems to have left, there is still a lingering buttery sweetness mixed with the leather and wood finish that is almost chewy. I find it remotely similar to a nut bread aftertaste. A small crack that appeared during the second third has now begun to open slightly revealing some binder, but she's still smoking and I'm certain it won't prevent me from nubbin this baby. The draws are still good and tasty though warmer never hot and she cools find when resting in the CAO ceramic cubist ashtray. In looking at the head, I notice that it is not tarring up nearly as much as many other cigars have and any buildup at all is limited to far less than half the surface area.

Ash/Burn: Fairly rugged and clumpy looking salt and pepper colored ash that held well to an inch and a half, before dropping and disintegrating down the length of the side of my shirt. The head on view of the ash shows the darker charcoal colored binder with a much lighter gray wrapper and filler.

Final Comments: I'd rate this in the mild to medium category and would smoke more if I can snag a good price. I'd recommend this cigar to those seeking similar attributes. This is another cigar that reminds me that I can enjoy milder smokes. I'd give this cigar an overall solid 8.

Price: I got it in a sampler for about $4.00, but the MSRP is $6.50.

Burn Time: Lit at 2:32 and laid to rest at 4:05 PM 11/7/2007.



Domo Arigato Mr Robusto
Nice job on the review; loved the photos! Perdomo Reserves are very good, and the Champagnes are no exception.


Good job! Perdomos are great in my book. I have a handful of the reserve maddies and they have been quite tasty. I haven't tried these but have also enjoyed their cammies.


Lowland Gorilla
Nice review. :tu

I found that one too mild for my tasted but I really enjoyed the Cabinet Selection Maduro that came as part of a sampler pack.


Nice pics and great review. I've seen these on Cbid, but didn't get any. May have to now. Thank you. :tu


I smoked one of these tonight (although a larger size) and was pleasantly surprised.
I'll tell you right off, I enjoy things with a dark, full flavor mostly. Dark beer, blood red wine, brown liquor, and dark cigars.
There are, however, exceptions.
Nabinger sent me one of these along with some others, being the cool cat he is.

I had seen them before, but didn't ever pick one up, usually going for more full flavored smokes.
I lit the baby up tonight, paired it with an Abita Turbo Dog and sat down with the Philip K. Dick novel I've been re-reading.
Christ almighty, That cigar was an absolute treat! Perfect draw and burn, tons of smoke, and a wonderful mild creamy flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed every possible millimeter of it, laying it to rest only after it started to burn my lips a bit. I haven't nubbed a cigar to that extent since my first Padron.

This cigar has rightfully won a standing place in my humidor. What an outstanding mild smoke!
I would not hesitate to suggest this cigar to anyone of any taste, be it full or mild.

I shall now retire to bask in the still encompassing afterglow.


I have had one sitting in my humidor for a few months now. This review makes me want to smoke it right away!


Fuente Whore
Great review on a great smoke.

I tried one of these at my local B&M, it was the Churchill size and it was one of the best mild smokes I have ever had. Truly a fantastic cigar. I am actually looking into picking up a box in the near future to start getting some age on them.