Phoenix - Magnums


Lowland Gorilla
Magnum's Cigar Wine and Spirits
731 E Union Hills Drive Suite B10
Phoenix, AZ 85024


Store Hours
Monday - Thursday
10am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday
10am to 1am
10am to 6pm

A nice Place, with a descent selection of smokes. and a Great selection of alcoholic beverages...from the mild to the exotic. More of a liquor Store than a cigar store. The prices tend to be a bit high. The lounge is available for a full bar, but be prepared for corkage fees, and for someone else to try to cut and toast your cigar for you. Overall I guess this is a average cigar shop, but if you gotta have something exotic to drink...their selection of alcohol is Fabulous.


Newbie in the jungle
Fantastic shop and selection of top notch cigars and spirits. Prices are above average, but they do not stock low end stuff either. Worth every penny. Appears a large amount of money was spent to build out a bar/smoking room next to the main store. If you have not been there in the last year then you are missing one of the best lounges in Phoenix. :tu


Newbie in the jungle
that is a cig for less store in the frys shopping center right?

Years ago it was a cig for less type store called Ray's Smokes. The current owner bought out Ray's. It is located on the east corner of shopping center with a Bashas.

About 3 years ago the owner aquired the storefront next to Ray's, knocked down adjoining inner wall, gutted the place, rebuilt from the ground up and created Magnum's. It was a 50/50 split between liquor/beer and cigars. In the past year the owner aquired another store front next to Magnum's, gutted and rebuilt that space into a very nice cigar bar/lounge. Check the website and you will see it is far cry from a strip mall discount cigarette store.


Newbie in the jungle
Good business to support too. Recently, won an appeal to allow adult beverages while you smoke. Nice to see the individual business owner making a stand.