Pics from Jacksonville Herf


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Just wanted to post a few pics from the Herf in Jacskonville today. Would like to say I enjoyed talking with all the guys that were there. Big thanks goes out to DrHalle for doing the footwork for us.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Got a photobucket account and will try to use that.



Lowland Gorilla
Sorry I couldn't be up there this weekend...we were just up there Monday and I had to come back to Orlando before the weekend =/ ...nice pics


Newbie in the jungle
it was a first for me but i learned some and smoked alot but it was a great day i met some great guys and had a good time thats what is all about :tpd::ss


Evolving Lead Gorilla

DrHalle, bigsix89, and ggainey herfin at Edwards of San Marco in Jacksonville

Will post more soon.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
I had a real good time at the Herf. Cigars were passed around by Gorillas, cigars bought in the excellent humidor at Edward's were smoked. The room was so full of smoke, it looked like a Cheech and Chong movie. Even my socks smelled like smoke when I got home. (everything I had on smelled like smoke, I just didn't want to mention my Batman boxers:D)
The people at Edward's could have not been any nicer to us, they knocked about 10% off their price for us, had drinks and at the end gave us some free pizza. :dr They told us to come back anytime, we would always be welcome.
Great Folks there.
I really enjoyed meeting all the Gorilla's and the locals who dropped in. We hope the locals will check out CS. We sure told them it is the best and greatest web site on cigars.
Next year, how about a Club Stogie Spring Break in Jacksonville? I have been thinking about a nice get together at the beach and a tour of all the cigar shops in Jacksonville. If you like golf, Golf World is 30 minutes away and Sawgrass is here. If you like the beach, fishing, shopping, or a trip to Disney (1hr 1/2 away) it's here. Cigars are here too. Just a thought.



Young Ape
That was a great time guys :tu

Edward's has a great spot down there. Great prices and a huge selection. I enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to the next get together :ss

The room was so full of smoke, it looked like a Cheech and Chong movie. Even my socks smelled like smoke when I got home.
I gues I'm used to smoking outdoors, because I have never reaked of cigars so much in my life!. I can still smell myself :r


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Forgot to say how much Dino treated us like family. If you ever get a chance to visit Edwards of San Marco you will not be disapointed. The best stocked humidor I have seen so far.

Thanks to the guys who were there for coming and making it a good time for all. Look forward to herfin with em again.:tu