Please keep my wife's family in your prayers


Maturing Primate
Just visited my wife's parents last week Sunday and had the usual good time, although her dad has been losing weight for the last three months and is really beginning to show his age (87). Movements that were once fluid are now very labored and on our walk into his apartment, Hunky (my wife's father) says I don't think I've got too much left in the tank, or words to that effect. Ramblings from an aging man that I'd heard many times before in jest are now proving to be somewhat prophetic. Monday, my wife's sister was visiting with them and noticed Hunky had a yellow appearance on his forehead and asked if he had fallen. He says to her, no, but check out this and proceeded to show her his chest which also had the sickening yellow color of jauntice. Needless to say, Hunky was rushed to the hospital for tests and those tests confirmed a golf-ball sized tumor on his pancreas. Long story short, malignant with a diagnosis of a month to 6 months to live.
Add to that, the fact my mother-in-law is in the middle stages of Alzheimer's and doesn't really comprehend what is going on more days than not and needs someone with her almost constantly, this is a very stressful situation for my better half who has never been in this situation for her entire life, losing essentially both parents (one slowly and the other rather abruptly).
Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers to help her to cope with these trying issues in the months to come and thank you in advance for the caring thoughts and loving community we share on this site.



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I know it is hard watching loved ones pass and being there for all of it is very painful for everyone in the family. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.