Pray for my Grandmother


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I was informed yesterday that my grandmother has anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months left to live. She has suffered from Parkinsons Disease for years now. As a result, her circulation is very poor. Her toe became infected a couple weeks ago, and when they took her to the hospital, the doctors told them that amputation would only prolong the inevitable. The infection is already in her bloodstream and it is only a matter of time. But then again, doctors have known to be wrong. I pray that she makes it a while longer on this earth, yet I fear the inevitable is near. We have been expecting this for a while now as Parkinsons Disease has taken its toll upon her body. Hospice has been called in as of yesterday to give her medicine to help w/ the pain. Please pray for her and our family in this time. Any and all prayers are greatly appreciated.

Thanks Brothers,

Old Sailor

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I know what Parkinsons can do as my Dad, may he rest in peace had it.

NJ Stogie King

Prayers sent for you and your family. I had a great aunt who died last month from an infection and they told us as well that amputation would only prolong the inevitable. I feel for you at this time



Lowland Gorilla
Prayers sent. Hospice is great. They were wonderful to my mom and grand-mother at the end. Awesome people.