Prayers and thoughts for my grandson.


Damn skeeters!
Dominic decided to play spiderman this weekend and fractured his arm just above the elbow when he jumped and landed awkwardly on the couch. He got the cast put on today (they had to wait for the swelling to go down). He's only three and ornery enough as it is, so loosing the use of his right arm (he's right handed), for the next eight weeks is not going over so well. So if you are so inclined, just send a little a prayer or positive energy his way for a fast and speedy recovery. Thanks ya'll,



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Prayers out, and may I suggest locking any upstairs windows and making it very difficult to locate sheets. My mother couldn't decide which to be angry about, the rose bushes ruined, the sheet torn in two as it caught on the gutter or the fact that she had to drive me to the hospital... after my test of low altitude base jumping....

Ms. Floydp

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awwwwww poor little fella.. thoughts and prayers sent his way. He'll be trying something else in the next day or so.. kids have a way of bouncing back fast.


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In my prayers, brother. My boy was about the same age and broke his arm the same way! Fourteen years later and he's none the worse for wear... the little guys are more resilient than we think they are.
Prayers sent Doyle. I feel so bad for them little bugger eaters with casts on. My daughter fractured her arm before she turned 2.


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Hey Doyle... if you don't mind, a prayer for Dominic...

Lord and Father,
Thank you for such an active and healthy boy. May Dominic heal quickly with no lingering effects. May he even develop better use of his left arm during the process. Be with his parents and grandparents by providing them additional patience, strength and wisdom as they help little Dominic deal with something he doesn't completely understand. Thank you also for a family that loves and cares for him.

In your Name we pray,