Prayers and thoughts for my grandson.


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Little boys sometimes, They think they are indestructable, good luck keeping him happy, The novelty of the cast wears off at about 4 weeks hope fully he will get used to it. Prayers sent


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I'm with ya on this Doyle, last year my 4 yr old (at the time) jumped off the top of a slide on a playground and broke his leg. The cast barely slowed him down :r . He is 100 % now and I'm sure your grandson will be too. My best wishes go out to him!


Dominic decided to play spiderman this weekend and fractured his arm just above the elbow when he jumped and landed awkwardly on the couch. He got the cast put on today (they had to wait for the swelling to go down). He's only three and ornery enough as it is, so loosing the use of his right arm (he's right handed), for the next eight weeks is not going over so well. So if you are so inclined, just send a little a prayer or positive energy his way for a fast and speedy recovery. Thanks ya'll,

YOu got it.

I hate to see the little ones banged up, but by golly they sure can get that way! Prayers sent just now...


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Drob... prayers to Spiderman your grandson. I can sort of relate. I wasn't quite that young, but when I was 4 or 5 I thought I was Superman. I tied a towel around my neck for a cape, climbed on a table and dove off.....

It was my left arm that I lost the use of in a cast for 6 weeks.

Hopefully Dominic learned a valuable lesson this time around, because it took me two times to learn mine.

Yes, as soon as my arm healed, I thought I could still fly, so I tied a different towel around my neck, climbed the same table, dove and broke the same arm...

My poor mother. I'm sure she can relate to what Dominic's mother is going through !!!


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Sorry to hear it Doyle, but he will be doing cartwheels in no time! Prayers sent for Dominic and for his parents.