Prayers and thoughts for my grandson.


Oreo Cookie Blues
Sorry to hear about that!!!!! I hope he recovers soon... I've spent the past week without much use of my right arm (I'm right-handed, too), and I couldn't IMAGINE not being able to use it for that long. I hope he recovers soon!


The Grumpy Old Troll
Prayers and thoughts with you and your family.....reoccuring idea is to make sure he relaxes after the cast comes sone split his head open the same day he got stiches out for thing he was superman...DR. loved that 3 hours after taking them out hes putting them back.....



Kiwi Michelle

Experienced,Dodgy & Scary
holy heck - my daughter did a similar thing last week on the monkey bars at school. She is in a cast and gets a full cast next friday!!
Not 10 foot tall - not bullet proof - it seems;)