Prayers for my Nephew


What would Skeeter do?
It is difficult for us to understand when a life is cut short. Your nephew is in God's hands.

My prayers sent for your family.

Ashcan Bill

West Coast Gorilla
I'm so so sorry. I also lost my nephew, when he was 21. I know what your family is dealing with.

My prayers are with you.


Lowland Gorilla
That's terrible news. I'm sorry for your's and your family's loss. Prayers and good thoughts sent your way!



I'm very sorry for your loss O.S. My Family's thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.... Stay Strong, and take care my friend.



Elder Jungle Leader
Hey OS...

I know there is not a lot to be said at the moment that can ease the sense of loss you must feel. The Lord's peace and comfort are essential in my life and I know he can bring comfort in impossibly difficult situations. If you don't mind, a heartfelt prayer for you and your dear family...

"Our Lord and Father,
Thank you for being near this family right now in the middle of this terrible loss. May they know your tender touch and unmistakeable peace as they deal with this pain. For this grieving uncle we ask that he would be guided in the best way to lead his family through these dark days. For this little five-year-old, may she know the warmth of her family's love in a way that will gently carry her through her fears and make her feel safe.

In Your Name we pray, Amen"