prayers from the jungle


Yeah that's the ticket
Well she's still in ICU. She is on a ventilator and pretty heavily medicated. So she hasn't been writing anything down. They had to restrain her yesterday cause when she comes to from the meds she's been reaching for her tube.
Tomorrow they are going to put in a tracheotomy. Hopefully what that will gain her some lucidity. The trach won't be as uncomfortable and they can take her off some of the meds. Maybe she can start writing stuff down again. Right now her kids just want a clear answer from her as to if she wants to keep fighting. Grandma always said she did not want to die on a machine.
Please pray the surgery goes well and my Grandma can make the decision for herself. Thank you so much guys for all the prayers you have sent I know they have helped.


Alpha Silverback
Thanks for the update. I know this has been a long difficult week. Your grandma and your family have been in my prayers. Hope the surgery helps your grandma.