Project of the Day : Winador Drawers


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I just got back from Lowes.
I'm starting a new project, gonna put big wide pullout drawers in one of the vino's. I'm also going to make trays/boxes for said drawers.
This was all brought on by the Smackdown. I have a bazzilion singles and they exist in ziplock baggies jammed in the winadors.
It literally looks awful.
Once I finish one winador, if it goes well, I'm going to do the other.
I'll be pretty much completely out of space for boxes, but I don't care. I'd rather keep my smokes in trays. I like it like that. :)
I'll chase this thread with pics all along the way.
The whole project begins with emptying that winador so that I can fit it for drawer brackets.
Everyone, please, wish me luck. :D


Everyone, please, wish me luck. :D

Great idea! I've seen enough of your work to know you don't need luck.

And if I recall correctly, there's room for a third vino somewhere around the two you no worry about room for boxes.


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Sounds like a great idea. Are you building the shelves out of Spanish Cedar or are they going to be wire mesh type shelves. Keep us posted.:tu


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If you are willing....i'd love to buy some off of you!!!!

I was just thinking of turning my vinotemp into 3-4 singles drawers and just use my coolerador as full box holders!


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If you are willing....i'd love to buy some off of you!!!!

I was just thinking of turning my vinotemp into 3-4 singles drawers and just use my coolerador as full box holders!
This deal is integrated into the winador.
I was going to build a chest of drawers to fit, but I'd have lost a lot of room and I was concerned about the bottom shelf support.
So I decided to install my drawer glides right on the unit.
I just finished my mock up shelf and the first set of glides.
This is where I'll get all the numbers I need, then I just repeat the process six more times.
Once I get all the drawers in I can lay out the trays I'm going to make.


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Here's a shot of one of the glides installed.
I put each side in, mocked up a drawer, slid it in, and found that the winador is tapered from front to back. Not just a little, either. I had to make 1/2 block shims to place under the front of each glide.
You can see the block in the pic below. With the shim in place and the drawer cut down to the right size, it fits perfectly and glides perfectly.



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Next are a couple shots of the drawer mockup and a closeup in the corner.
It's just to get a feel for what's next.
I now have to set that drawer, make another mock frame, and find the distance between the glides.
Right now it looks like the glides aren't going to work because they're too close.
I'll see what they'll do and I'll go from there. If worse comes to worse I can chop the drawer stopper off right above the glide wheel.
First things first though. I have to find my height for the next glide and see where the drawer lands.
Here's the pics...



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Lookin good, I can't wait to see the finished project. If your other projects are any indication this will turn out great. Good luck with the project.


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Welp, I got all the glides installed and 5 of the 7 drawers made.
I ran out of stock for the sides of the drawers. I know why, it's because I changed how I was going to face the drawers.
Initially I was going to screw through the front and anchor to the drawer sides.
I decide to do it right so I can adjust the fronts so they're nice and straight.
It's more work, takes up more room where cigars could go, but it'll make setting the drawer fronts a breeze.

Here's all the glides installed...

Here's four of the drawers without their fronts (which I haven't made yet)...


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I have to run out to Lowe's now. We were going over that way anyways.
I'll pick up some more screws (used all my zip machine heads on the glides) and the rest of the stock for the drawers.

Here's the unfinished drawers in the glides...

Mr Flibble

Uncle Arnie
Looking good. Why did you go with 1 inch stock? Seems like overkill for the weight they will hold. 1/4 - 3/8in would have been plenty strong enough and given you a bit more storage.

Is that pine?