Props for Mom


My mother flew out yesterday to visit us for a few days before winter comes, and we're doing sort of a joint birthday celebration today. Her's was last month, my son's was last week, and mine is next month. She heard I got into cigars, and gave me a Nibo 3 jet lighter. I know that people have had numerous problems with Nibo's, but it sure looks like a decent lighter. But it's the thought that counts, and of course she knows nothing about cigar lighters. I just hope at least it lasts at least as long as her visit. :tu


The Hebrew Hammer
Very nice mom!
I got some cigars for my 18th b-day from my mom, but now that im down the slope she doesn't like it that much. Aw well.


Maturing Primate
Nice Mom! :tu

I have 3 Nibo lighters that I picked up for 5 bucks each that I've had for several months now and haven't had a single problem. The triple jet I have sucks down the butane fuel like no other though. I think alot of the problems that people have stems from the fuel used. I use Prometheus fuel in all mine and it seems to do the trick.


Maturing Primate
Nibo's really aren't that bad at all. However, they're not always a click once and light lighter. Mine was for a while but now I often find I have to click it twice to light it. I found a trick that works well and uses the same amount of fuel as clicking once. Jiggle the ignitor button around roughly a bit first then click. For some reason it works everytime on mine. But, if I don't do that and just click to light there's nothing until I click again, then it lights. Regardless, the thing lights so it works and that's good. Only real complaint with my dual jet Nibo is it has a small fuel tank and burns a lot of fuel. As a result I wound up buying a Blazer PB-207 and am extremely happy with it! Works every click and lights cigars even faster than the dual flame for some reason. Plus it has a huge fuel tank.

On the other hand though I think Nibo's are much sexier (well, classier) than the PB-207. They're very nice looking lighters, like Colibri's. Congrats on the gift man! That was really sweet of your mother :tu