Props to Kioki Cigars and Eric


:tu I wanted to give some props to Eric and Kioki Cigars for the way they handled a problem that occurred with an order I placed with them.

Early last month, Eric announced that he would be accepting pre-orders for the new line of Drew Estates "Tabak" sticks which are coffee infused. Since I have tried and enjoyed the "Java" line from DE, I decided to place a pre-order. As an added benefit, Eric annouced that the first 15 pre-orders would be entered into a contest to win a box of Acid's Kuba-Kubas.

Somehow the shipment was lost or stolen, :hn and after I had talked to Eric, he arranged to have a new box of Tabaks sent to me overnight, along with 20 Kuba-Kubas for my troubles. :D

I want to thank Eric and Kioki Cigars for taking care of this problem in a very fast and business-like manner. With customer service like this, I know I'll be ordering from Kioki again in the future! :ss

Thanks again Eric, for all of your efforts!
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I have nothing but good things to say about Kioki cigars and Eric. It's not often a retailer emails you the day your order arrives (just to make sure the package arrived and everything is ok with your order). That can only mean one thing, Eric tracks the orders he sends out, now that's customer service.
Eric is a class act and a stand up guy.


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I have to agree. I recently ordered a box of Padron 3000's from him. His service was simply exceptional. I'm looking forward to buying from him again.