Recommendations for a Small, Spicy Cigar?


What do you experienced gorillas recommend for a nice, small, spicy cigar? Say a corona size or smaller? I liked the CAO Brazillia Piranha, but had draw issues with it, so I'd like to find an alternative. Doesn't have to be an exact match, just a nice, full flavored, small cigar. Thanks! :cb


Elder Jungle Leader
Camacho Corojo Machitos
JdN Antano Machitos
LFD El Jocko
LFD DL Chiselito
Camacho Coyolar Perfecto
Don Kiki Brown Botella
Oliva G Maduro Special G
RP Sungrown Petit Perfecto
Litto Gomez Diez Oriental
Petit Tatuaje


Montecristo Peruvian Short Smokes Especial No. 2. A spicy little number that will kick your a$$ with flavor.
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