Remedios Flor Fina


Young Ape
Number 7 - Remedios Flor Fina
Purchased from local B&M, roughly $4

Appearance and Presentation of Cigar: Excellent
Wrapper color and Packaging: Natural color, Excellent packaging
Lighting and Burning Properties: Excellent toast, Medium burn
Even initial light, even burn, burn fast or slow: Even initial light, Even burn, Slow burn
Draw: Slightly tight
Taste: Good

My wife had to work today so I decided to head to my favorite Starbucks for an LA Times, coffee, and nice long cigar.


First Third
Had quite a nice start, very smooth with a hint of sweetness. The overall flavor was lighter than what you would expect, just a tad below a medium body cigar. No real harshness, but a gentle flavor with hints of leather, cedar, and a tiny but of pepper as I worked my way down the first third. Unfortunately, the cigar went out by at this point and I had to relight.


Second Third and Finish
While the beginning still had the lingering taste of the first third, a woody and slightly nutty taste began to engross the cigars flavor. The further I went down, a leathery tang introduced itself. The flavor was still quite though. My current rate of pace is a bit faster than a draw a minute, but at this rate, I would find the cigar nearly going out, and I would need to draw a few times to keep it going. Even so, it did go out two more times. The shot above was the last time, and while I could have continued, I was already done with the paper, and it was a good time to head home.

Final Thoughts
This was a pleasant cigar but a bit light on taste in my opinion. The flavor though was definitely there, and if I were to have spent more time focusing on the cigar, I doubt it would have gone out as many times as it did. If the situation was different, let’s say I was doing yard work or lounging around, I think this would have been a good choice. I’m on the fence about purchasing this again, but I think I will, if not for me, but for a few of my friends that have not experienced cigars before and want something with not too much strength but good flavor.