Rocky Hill - Joe's Cigar Shop


Young Ape
Joe's Cigar Shop
781 Cromwell Ave
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Phone: (860) 257-8504

I don't know the hours for this place but I have had some great smokes here. Joe, the owner is a great guy. He has large walk in with a good selection of smokes along with some high end ones too. Best of all he has a great lounge with plenty of leather chairs and tables. He has lockers for rent if you desire that. He has a large Plasma on the wall and plenty of magazines for your reading pleasure (CA, Sports Illustrated, Penthouse, etc.) All tables and ashtrays are stocked with matches and lighters.

I have been visiting this place whenever I am in the area and Joe is always a good host. He doesn't bother you and leaves you be to have your smoke in peace. There are often many other people smoking at this place in the afternoon. Joe does not sell cigarettes and I have seen him shoo off any vagrant coming in looking for them. This place has a dimly light neon in the window that says "Cigar Sanctuary" and that is exactly what it is. There is a dunkin donuts about a 100 yards away in the same lot or there is a Starbucks right down the street if you like coffee with your smoke. I have been taking some of my work there at time so it works well for me. On the other hand there is a package store in the next strip mall over and I have gone in with a 6-pack in my hands. Joe says "No problem" so we enjoy plenty of beers with our cigars.

Side note: There is one of the best little known Italian restaurants in the state right down the street...Tommaso's Mezzo Giorno
(860) 529-6932.