Rocky Patel cigars - opinions...


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Hi all. Tonight I picked up two sweet looking Rocky Patel cigars. One is an African with a nice dark oily wrapper and the other is a Vintage 1992. Well, it wasn't till I got home that I realized that I could swear reading some stuff here in the "Worst cigar you ever smoked" type threads where I recall the name Rocky Patel being mentioned... well... at least I think I did. Going back and trying to search for the threads/posts would take a lot of time so I figured I'd posts and get your opinions. Anyone smoked this brand? If so, what do you think of them? Gotta say, the ones I got seem really nice, but of course the smoke is what really tells.



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I've enjoyed all the RP's that I have tried so far, and the 1992's are one of my favorites!
I still have a number of RP brands that I have not tried yet in my humidor. I'm looking forward to trying those over the next few months.

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I am a self-confessed Rocky fan...

The Vintages (the 90 and 92) are tops in the NC line up but he has made some cigars that are not up to snuff - some of the new releases just don't do it for me but I believe RP is a great line for newer smokers to try a wide variety of smokes.

The new Summer cigar he came out with tasty as well.


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I've tried really hard to like some RP's. Everyone loves the 90, 92 and the decade. The Olde World Reserve gets a lot of stroke, too.
Aside from the Indian Tabac maduros, I haven't found one to love.


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The 92's are a good smoke, not sure which line the African one comes from.
The RP I like the most at this time is the OWR Corojo. Had a ITC awhile back that was pretty good also.

Lite one up and give it a try!


I Have really enjoyed most of the R.P blends I have tried (Sun grown, Vintage ,Vintage seconds.)What I have noticed is that I have become a bit burned out on the R.P. Line. Those mention and a few others I have tried to me tend to have pretty much the same flavor profile. But definitely not bad smokes.


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I grabbed a couple Sungrown Petit Corona's so I could try out the Rocky Patel brand. Not a bad smoke. I'd like to try more. A lot of smoke for a PC.

From what I've heard, a lot more people enjoy than Rocky Patels than not. Too soon for me to make a blanket statement about the brand though.


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Rocky has some tasty blends :ss

Person faves ...

vintage 1990
edge sumatra

I heard the Decades are made with the same wrapper that they made the edge sumatra out of, i'm gonna have to pick me up some. Speaking of Rocky Patel, CI has one of their checkout specials today ... 10 vintage 1990 toro's for 34.99. picked up two bundles along with the DPG Serie JJ Maduro 10 pack from Joe's :tu


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I've smoked a few of his cigars. IMO they all tasted like I was smoking a pencil. :BS
Don't knock pencils they make a great smoke in a pinch. Do you light the eraser or the lead? I light the lead because the eraser goes out when it hits the metal deely.

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I have smoked about 6 RP Decade Torpedo's and about 10 Vintage 90s....the V90s IMO are the best.

The first Decade torpedo I had I thought was outstanding.....the next five I thought were pretty bland....


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I've smoked a lot of Rocky stuff in the past and would consider almost all of them to be good cigars. However currently the only one that really suits my taste is the Summer Blend stuff, with the Lancero being the pick of the litter.


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Rocky = good to me. I tend to stick with the Vintage 90 and 92 and Decade. I have some OWR in the queue to try.