Rocky Patel Cuban Blend


Evolving Lead Gorilla
i have not even heard of them.
They are a Famous only brand. I bought a box of the sister cigar, Rocky Patel 'Rosado' and they were actually pretty good. Typically these are about $4 per by the box. I'll probably stick with the RP mainstream smokes in the future.


Mariska Hargitay
I have had one, on an empty stomach. It had a rather tight draw, and I had to puff like crazy to keep it going. I got queasy and sweaty, not a pleasant experience.

This was, however, when I first started smoking cigars. I have been hesitant to try them again, but I am now thinking about picking up a few. I think I just wasn't ready for it.


Young Ape
Anyone tried these yet? I saw them in the Famous Smoke catalog and they look tasty!
Had one last night. Good smoke and no problem with the draw.
I like the 1992's better, but I would not turn one of these away :tu

If you got em, smoke em.
If you are thinking of trying them, go ahead and try them!


Lowland Gorilla
I did a box split on these before with another guy from the area. They are a good smoke. Way better than the vintage IMO, but then again, I think the vintages taste like burning paper.