Rocky Patel Fumas


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Time to do a review. My palette is not what I'd call advanced, so take this as you will- a review by a n00b who may or may not know what they are talking about. Where I might find subtle hints of sage and elderberry, you may find indistinguishable one dimensional crap. Hence the name of the review. :)

Cigar: Rocky Patel Fumas
Length: 6"
Ring: 46
Wrapper Color: Maduro, very dark
Filler: Trimmings from RP Vintage 1990, 1992 and Fusion
Shape: Lonsdale

I had a bit of a highway drive today and decided to have a morning cigar with a cup of road coffee. The cigar had been in my humidor for maybe a week at 70% RH, stored in cellophane. I smoked one last week and the impressions were the same as this.

The wrapper is very very dark. There is no way it is this dark naturally, especially with a budget cigar like this. It smells good, sweet and earthy. The wrapper is not toothy, the construction is pretty good, and the tip tapers to a twisted finish- whatever you call that. The thing just looks good, to me, with the exception of the mysteriously dark wrapper.

The Fumas lit easily and the first few puffs were very light tasting, pleasantly tasting of cocoa. Seemed to light evenly all the way around. Nice easy draw with just the right amount of resistance.

First Third:
The first third of the Fumas was a very tasty combination of cocoa, nutty flavors. It was delicious, producing a decent amount of smoke (though I was in a car with the window cracked, so it was a bit hard to tell. The taste ranged from cocoa and nuttiness to a hint of woodiness, almost like a boat building shop, if you know what that smells like ( I love the smell personally.) Not overpowering, and the tasty, toasty, chocolatey flavors prevailed throughout the first third.

The ash burns dark- really really dark, almost black- I’ve never seen anything quite like it in a cigar ash- you almost couldn’t tell the ash from the wrapper if the light was bad. The burn was a bit uneven, and required a couple of touchups. The ash actually fell off only ¾ of an inch into it, which I should have anticipated, being a short filler cigar. My shirt was none the worse for wear.

Second Third:
The taste completely, and I mean completely changed in the second third- mostly gone was the nutty, cocoa taste, and it was replaced by a startling sweetness with vanilla overtones, a but grassy/vegetably but still very sweet and creamy. ( I guess I must have hit a different part of the filler). This lasted the entire second third of the cigar, and was very tasty. There was still a hint of the earlier tastes, but it became much more velvety sweet. I really couldn’t believe how much the flavor had changed.

The burn issues improved, but it required one or two more minor touchups from the lighter. The taste improved when it was burning evenly, and became less good (but still not bad) if it was uneven, as you’d expect.

Final Third:
The final third of the cigar started with an abrupt varnish like taste, which moved on to a more harsh grassy taste. This never went away, and the varnish taste remained despite purging so I let it go out with about an inch and a half to two inches to go. It’s probably not worth smoking the final third of the cigar. Pitch it as soon as you hit the first bad taste.

As far as the dark wrapper goes, it is not a terrible dye job, as my lips remained their normal color and did not turn black, and my saliva was not black. Whatever they did to make it this color, it seems to stick to the wrapper.

Cliff Notes:
Good budget cigar, great first third, good but way different second third, worthless finish. I wonder what the hell they did to the wrapper to make it burn so dark. Would Smoke Again. Quite tasty. I wanted to smoke another after this one was done, but alas, I only grabbed it as a road stick so I didn’t have a second one.


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Re: Crap Palette Reviews: Rocky Patel Fumas

I like your honesty regarding your palette. My palette is so bad I really should even do reviews.

Nice review, plus RG for you!


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Update with some pics...

The cigar, nice n toothy

Nice cap


Dark Ash

Handsome, eh?

Dark Ash closeup:


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I'm not trying to be nit-picky, but I think that's refered to as grain and a good example of it. Not toothy
Really? I thought I had looked it up correctly, once, when I was curious as to what the heck "toothy" meant. Thought it referenced the presence of bumps.... guess I'll have to look it up again. :) Thanks for the heads-up though!


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Actually, to bring the tooth vs grain question to a conclusion, I did some searching for tooth. There was more than one reference to tooth being the bumps on the wrapper and grain being the small bumps in the ash. The grain is generally due to large amounts of magnesium in the soil. Hope that this helps.

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These are THE FIRST dissapointment (for me) from Rocky Patel. I'm optomistic as I only smoked two of the SIXTY I have. Going to let them age a bit and try them in 3-4 months.

Both of mine were very tough to draw and the burn was lousy; Both tunneled badly. I'm hoping some humi time will help. If not they will be cannon foder for BOMBS.

FN in MT


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They do burn funny, that's for sure (mine are newish too, and mostly have never left their box) but at least they are easy to relight. ;)

I had another one on another drive this morning, and I had read that the wrapper has a really salty taste to it, which I haven't noticed because I almost never put my tongue to the wrapper wile I smoke.... but I did today, and the saltiness was evident. Didn't bother me the way I smoke though.

Hope they improve for you FN!


Thanks for the review. You are never to young to review. Give an honest opinion about the smoke and leave it at that. Don't worry that you are a new smoker, state that and everyone will have the context they need.


Re: Crap Palette Reviews: Rocky Patel Fumas

I like your honesty regarding your palette. My palette is so bad I really should even do reviews.
Hogwash. Your palette will mature through reviewing, don't stop just because you don't think you are qualified. If you are over 18 and willing to give an honest try at the smoke, go for it. We've all been there and part of what CS is is helping out the newbs.
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Time to do a review. My palette is not what I'd call advanced, so take this as you will- a review by a n00b who may or may not know what they are talking about.
I thought this was a very good review, noob or pro, advanced palette or not.


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Sunday 27th

These things have been bugging me. NEVER been dissapointed with a RP so decided to try one today with a few weeks humi time on it.

Burn was much better, though it did burn unevenly, despite what I thought was an even light up. But at least this example was better than the previous two; NO tunneling.

Pretty one dimensional initially, but the middle half was VERY nice. Smoked it to the nub (hope that word isn't copyrighted) without any bitterness.

Mine may have been overly wet? Or just needed to reach 65% RH overall...have no idea. I'll give the rest some more time and try another in a couple of weeks.

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