Rolling Hills Estates - Huckleberry's


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627 Silver Spur #100A
Rolling Hills Estates, CA
(310) 265-2489, (866) 372-5547
Open very day except Monday - call them for exact hours.

Proprieter's name is Richard "Boomer" McClennan; nice guy and touring cowboy singer. His helper Dan works late shifts and weekends and has also had a few articles published in the cigar rags.

They have a great selection of cigars and pens. Nice indoor smoking lounge for 8-10 people; also has outside seating.


I've already posted a review on Citysearch in July of '08 commenting on my incredibly positive experience at Huckleberry's so I'll be brief.(

Boomer is a great help, has a tremendous selection and his prices are very competitive, especially if you're a Palos Verdes Peninsula resident. He's suggested various smokes for myself, my wife and our friends and they've all been great hits.

I just picked up some more of the Quintero box-pressed robustos that he recommended (and which coincidentally received a 92 rating in this month's issue of Cigar Aficionado). Loved 'em. And $4.99? Crazy good for that price.

I'd much rather give my business to Boomer and his B&M (whatever that is...) than order online thanks to his friendly and helpful demeanor and continued generosity. I hope he sticks around for a long time because I too really enjoy stopping in, saying hello and picking up a few great sticks. Nice little lounge in the back too. :tu
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Re: Rolling Hills Estates - Huckleberry's (CAO Cubist Ashtray!)


Well, I've had my eye on the CAO Cubist Ashtray for awhile. I know I can pick one up online for around $50 but then I've got to pay for shipping and the sucker is HEAVY. There was one at a B&M over in San Pedro for like $75 I think. Then I saw the posts on here about some guys making their own (pretty sweet) but the legalities prevented them from making one like it so they had to change the design.

Anyway, I just threw it out there to Boomer at Huckleberry's (my favorite B&M) and told him I'd much rather give him my business if he could get his hands on one. He made a call and yep, I'm gonna get my hands on it by early next week for $49 and not even have to pay for shipping! Not to mention that I'll get points for the purchase that I can use towards free cigars!