Romeo Y Julieta EL


A.K.A. Vanderburg
Hk3, Have been supper busy with my toe and my first annual Vanderherf. Just ended yesterday. i was great. A pre-herf on Friday and the big Mexican food and poker herf on Saturday. It was great. A lot of un and good smokes. This was a coed herf so the wives enjoyed themselves as well.

This cigar was an interest cigar to review. It really threw me for a loop.

The cigar looked good.

Real nice cap.

The foot looked to be problematic, but the draw was excellent.

The pre=light draw was earthy and nice.

The first third of the cigar was earthy and with some wood mixtures. I thought the cigar taste was good, but nothing exquisite. I am realizing that the creativity in my reviews parallels the taste of the cigar.

The second third of the cigar maintained the same taste as the first third. enjoyable, but nothing to great.

The nub was where some problems occurred. The cigar just turned harsh. i had to stop smoking it. This really pulled the cigar down. Up to this point the cigar was a ok cigar.

The construction on the cigar was good.

I would have to rate this cigar a 6.5 out of 10. It was ok on th beginning and middle but there were some real p[problems at the end.


Hiding outside the Shack
Great review! I never went back to this cigar after the initial release. Showed to be really young. It was also hard to get past the price tag for an RyJ. :ss


Alpha Silverback
Interesting review.
What kind of EL is that, petit piramides?

Sorry, I thought it's a Habano review...


Admiral Douche Bag
The cigar pictured is not Cuban, and thr description of the cigar and its origin is described on another cigar websire:

It is the finest, rarest and most coveted Romeo y Julieta ever made, immaculately constructed by the most gifted artisans at the renowned Tabacalera de García factory in the Dominican Republic. Its singular blend features the highly coveted San Andres Corojo wrapper surrounding rich, hand-selected Broadleaf binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers. No expense has been spared in creating this exquisite cigar. The incomparable Romeo y Julieta Edición Limitada takes the aficionado’s love affair with Romeo y Julieta to places it has never been before


Alpha Buttcrack
Thanks for reviewing that stick Tw3nty!
I smoked one of these last week sometime and I didn't think it was anything great.
I think this stick may change for the good in maybe lets say, another five years?
Normally it's in the red tube with a cedar sleeve inside. I removed them all from the tubes to avoid any molding.
Well, now you know not to buy any of those! :D