Rosco is in hospital


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Our beloved German Shepherd "Rosco" is in the hospital recovering from "Bloat"
This is very serious condition where the stomach fill with gas then twists around. It is usually fatal unless it is caught in the early stages.
I left for work last night at 6:00 PM and he was fine. My Wife called me at 8:30 and said she they are heading to the emergency room because his stomach is extended and she suspected bloat.
We learned about this horrible condition while we attended "Puppy kindergarten".
We go to the hospital and he was x rayed and it showed how his stomach was bloated and twisted.
He had no pulse in his legs, his Colan and spleen had their blood supply almost shut off.
They operated on him at 11:30.
They called at 1:00 AM and said the operation was over and gave him a 70% chance for survival.
They removed his spleen, but everything else looked fine.
They also suchured his stomach to his chest cavity so it will have less chance of reacurring.
We are going down to see him in a few minutes. The fact that he is only 1 yr and 4 months old helped.
This condition effect dogs with large chests, like GSD,Dalmatians,greyhounds, and great danes.
Dog owners please read about this condition.


Sorry to hear this! I just wish they could tell us when something isn't right with them. Here's hoping for a full recovery!:bl


Wow, I have a German Shepard and I had no idea that that could happen. Thanks for the info. Next week she turns 9 and I can see other problems with her age.
I will pray for a complete and speedy recovery for Rosco.


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I've heard about this condition, especially in larger dogs.

Hang in there, you're buddy will pull through this.


My best goes out to Rosco for a speedy recovery. I'll keep him in my prayers tonight. They're fighters and I feel good that he'll be o.k.

I now have a special affection for German Shepherds. We have 2, Max & Daisy, that someone abandoned on our road back in February (brother and sister). Just a few days later they both had Parvo. Max almost died but we got them both through it and they are doing well. They were puppies then - I guess they're about 8 - 10 months old now. We hadn't planned on adding two dogs to the family, but after that who could say no. God brought them to us for a reason.

I had heard about hound breeds having a tendency to do that. I'm glad to know the potential is there. I'll keep an eye on that.


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Glad to hear you caught it early! My parents Great Dane ended up getting the bloat and nearly died as well. $3000 later she is back to speed and living a happy life again! They are very expensive, but dogs are worth every penny.


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Great thing your wife was home and knew that time was crucial! Good for her, and wishing Roscoe a full recovery.

I have an 8 year old Shepherd, Ganz, and would be devastated if he were to go in such an awful way.


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I wish Rosco a full and speedy recovery. I am an extreme dog lover, and I don't know what I would do if anything happend to my pets. Good thing your wife was home and I hope this ends as a happy story.


I am wishing Rosco good luck! Our golden retriever sucessfully made it through a bloat operation, so I know what you are going through. Hang in there!


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Wishing a full and healthy recoery for Rosco!!! Wishing you and your family the best Jon!!! :tu

God bless!

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Amen to a full and speedy recovery for Rosco. Hope he is home soon to his loving family.

My Roscoe is a 5 year old yellow lab & also a hemopheliac... We have had some close calls with him bleeding but never bloat, thank God. He could not have an operation for it.