RP Signature: Fantastically Subtle


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Thanks to Jamz, I received this stick as part of my Zombie contest winnings. Toro in length, the RP Signature is a mild Connecticut. And I do mean mild. Jamz' review can be found here.

Allow the setting to sink in.

60 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. I'm talking so clear I can see the stars through the lights of the city barely minutes from downtown. The air was clean, with an ever so slight breeze wafting the scent of Magnolia trees as a strolled. And when I say strolled, I mean if someone were watching, they'd have hardly been able to tell if I was beginning or ending a step.

But no one was watching, for midnight struck as I set out on my little perambulation.

I clipped the cap by lamplight. My neighborhood has maintained an aged facade, with stone walls, small yards, and street lights that cast a yellow glow from their tall iron posts. With a semblance like so, I had to use matches to toast the foot. 2 did the trick, and one more gave me a nice warm light to the foot.

The initial light and draw was not harsh, but simply burn with no character. It carried on like this for half an inch. Was I smoking a cigar or just some average tobacco?

It took easily another half inch to determine the drawing art required to truly taste the nuance. As the title gives way, the subtlety was astounding. If too hot, it became one dimensional ash. If too cool, the burn only hinted at toasted tobacco. But with a slow, steady, deep draw and inhalation (of air) through the nose simultaneously a whole new world crept out.

An inch in, I found this stick's groove. The draw flavor was basic. Nothing complex, a toasted buttery sweetness. It was this cigar's long finish that hinted at brilliance.

You must note that the flavors which I am about to describe were so subtle, they were the essence of flavor but not entirely presence. Like when you wake from a dream and it seemed so real, but you cannot quite recall the details as it fades quickly from memory, only to be replaced by strict reality. This is why the ambiance of tonight was perfect for this smoke.

The long finish of the Signature was constantly changing. A taste-shifter, if you will, puff to puff, draw to draw. I found myself stopping my stride after an exhale, almost chewing the breeze with an empty mouth, trying to put my finger on the taste of freshly made whipped cream...light, airy, creamy, and barely sweet.

Then came meringue. I swear I could almost taste eggwhites and caster sugar.

Soon arrived with exhalation a touch of hazelnut with a tang of liquor behind it. Frangelico came to mind.

My most favorite assumption of flavor was this: Have you ever made sugar cookies from scratch? There's a point early on when you mix together butter, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract... if you dip your finger in then and taste it you find a brilliant richness never to be duplicated. The cigar teased me with enough of this taste that I cold place it, and then stole it away.

Again, I must mention, this is all barely within the parameters of taste sensation with an overlay of clean tobacco. Had I been drinking anything at all, the flavors would have been masked, or overpowered. But the lack of anything to confuse the palate allowed for the ethereal fleeting undertones to be present enough to smile, wave and then run away.

The burn was of course flawless...this is an RP after all.

Would I suggest this stick to others? If you know you have a complex palate, enjoy the patience of nurturing a flavor into brief existence, and are surrounded by no distractions...then sure. Give it a whirl. If none of those three things applies to you, move on, there's nothing to see here but a mild-mannered, run-of-the-mill, undistinguished cigar.

I give it a 5 because you almost need a class on how to smoke it. (call me, these classes will begin next Thursday evening and go weekly from 7-9pm).


Lowland Gorilla
Very interesting review. It reminds me of certain magical cigar experiences I have had over the years which I have tried to duplicate later on, usually without success. Then all of a sudden you have another experience such as yours, quite unexpectedly, and with a different cigar.

This is just my take on it, but I would suggest that it was not just the cigar itself, but all the perfect conditions surrounding the experience. The magnolia scent in the air, the still air, the beautiful surroundings, and the absence of noise and distractions.

This was a great read. Thanks for sharing it with us. Larry.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
That's a pretty impressive review to end up with a 5. I thought you liked it more until I read your score.

Todd W

Pepin Hoe
:tpd: A 5 after all that? Nice review though, brother. I had Simon & Garfunekel's "My Little Town" in my head even as I read it.


Elitist a-hole
Great review, love the descriptions!

I got a lot of nutmegey, cinnamoney tastes also, not actual tastes, but hints of tastes. Very tantalizing. :)


Evolving Lead Gorilla
A great, change-of-pace review. Very story like, which I enjoyed very much. I felt as though I was watching your adventure from several paces back, not wanting to disturbe your moment. Thanks much.


...from the internet.
The 5 rating was mainly because the cigar itself is so difficult to smoke well, and won't agree with a large % of people. The experience itself was a 10.


Chestbeating Pack Leader
Good write up, I enjoyed it. It would be too subtle for my palette, but good to read about. RG 4 U.


What a difficult cigar to review. It is so hard to capture the subtleties and ethereal qualities, especially when so faint. Like many things, the enjoyment comes from the context.

Kudos for the effort you put into capturing and putting them in words. :tu