RP Sungrown Petite Perfecto


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Having 2nd thought about posting this review since it's my favorite and has been very reasonable on the devil site. :tu

Rocky Patel Sungrown Petite Perfecto - 4.5" x 49. Nice oily wrapper with minor veins and a beatiful shape. Had been stored at 70*, 68% for about 2 weeks. Outside conditions were 56*, cloudy, light rain.

Paired it with a Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout.

Started off with a small clip of the perfecto tip, perfect prelight draw. First 1/3 gave off a nice woodsy, semi-sweet taste with a great aroma and lots of flavor. Mild spice and plentiful white smoke.

2nd 1/3 continued with a consistant full flavored draw, almost sweet which matched well with the beer.

I'm such a geek with my notes! The last 1/3 developed a little more spice and even some bitterness, which a small clipping resolved. I noticed a little tar/gunk build up on the tip seemed to cause all the bitterness. After the clip all was well again. Lots of flavor overall with the same woody, almost chocolatey sweetness to the finish prevailed. A full medium bodied cigar with a nice sturdy grey/white ash and perfect burn to finish this sucker off. No touch-ups were necessary throughout. I'm nubbing it!

Total burn time was about 1:10, enjoying every minute of it. This has got to be my favorite go-to smoke currently. At under $2/stick, it's hard to beat. Always consistant with a great flavor and burn. In my top 5 for sure. I hope this review allows people to see value and quality at any price point... Just don't outbid me! :r


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I have been almost exclusively RP for the last couple of weeks. Great stuff and this is one of my favs.


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Quiet! Everyone will start buying our petite perfectos! :r

The regular prices at CI aren't bad for these, either, if they get bid up on cigarbid. Almost every time I buy a deal from JoeCigar.com I add on some of the petite perfectos because of the free shipping.

And oatmeal stout and a sungrown cigar. That's a manly combination!

Thanks for the review on one of my favorites :tu


I am a big fan of the RP Sungrown in the 60 rg so for xmas my father got me a bundle of these perfectos. Needless to say I love them just as much as the 60 and they don't take nearly as long to burn so they make for a perfect short smoke.


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Great review, isn't there a "factory select", or "off color" for this line as well? Anyone know?


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Damn; the secret's out... Great review on a fine short smoke; I think these are fantastic winter smokes... BTW, looks like a fine pairing!:tu


Thanks for the review.

With all the good reviews out there for the RP Sungrown I wish I liked them. I've tried several and felt they were just ok, none of them struck me as great or left me wanting more. Oh well I guess everyones pallet is different.

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Dang Keith, you let the cat out of the bag with this one. So much for getting them for $10 per 5 any more! I have to agree with Kmachine, this is a great cigar, they have that sweet spicy taste that you long for if you go without smoking one for a while..



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I clipped the tip, not the foot. I've only done that once when I was outside in the dark and a little under the influence. :al

And the construction is usually great. Sometimes the ash can get a little flakey, but thats not the norm. And you're right Mike, the cat is out. The last cbid auction went for a lot more than normal...