RP Vintage 90/92 - Worth It?


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Are you in Canada? I could see these sticks costing 22.00 CDN. Around here, they are 5.00-7.00 USD. I think they are a good smoke overall. Nothing remarkable, but they do the job and have a good flavor profile.


I've never seen a RP product around my way for more than $6 a stick. I just got a 5 pack of RP Original Sun Grown for $11. So no....not for $22 a stick...not even if it's stuffed with marijuana.


Lowland Gorilla
I really don't think Rocky Patel's new cigars are any better than his old Indian Tabac brand that sells for 1/2 to 1/3 the price.. I don't pay $8 for the 90 92 or Sungrown. If any of his new lines are worth the price of admisission to me its the Old World Reserve.
Very good point. I have maybe 2 RP vintage in my humidor and a handful of ITs. I more often then not reach for the ITs.