RyJ 1875 Habana Reserve

Texan in Mexico

Lowland Gorilla
Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve Churchill 1875

On one of the threads where cigars were being collected for the troops I sent in some sticks and was fortunate enough to have won a prize sponsored by N3uka (Dave).

He sent me some great sticks including a true vintage.

Maybe it is just my lack googling skills but it is tough to find company related information on this stick - I found some but not alot.

The above stick is the one I am reviewing today.

Construction is very nice – reminds me of the Dominican Davidoff. Chocolate sheen on the wrapper and very smooth. Smells of rich tobacco.

Triple capped and the wrapper has a bit of a kick to it, tastes peppery.

Nice clean cut and easy draw with some resistance – draw is spicy, woodsy and maybe licorice (?).

Lighting a cigar with this Vertigo lighter is always an adventure, I just picked up a new RP triple torch from Mr. Maduro thanks!, but it fared well this time – actually producing a flame consistently.

Nice amount of white smoke – initial flavors are creamy and peppery.

First third – it is easy to get lost in this cigar, nice and creamy with some light pepper. The ash was holding on very well until Hope the Wonder dog jumped into me with the tennis ball, but we will forgive her – she is more important than any cigar!

Second third – they are building a house next door so the dogs are going crazy at the workers – somehow with this stick it doesn’t bother me, also where I live we see lots of parrots and I have seen several fly over as it is still early enough. I get off-track easy, sorry…

Still very smooth, I may be way off-base here but it smokes like the Dom Davidoff I mentioned earlier, nice and smooth, creamy like a Taboo Twist with some pepper bite to it.

Last third – approaching the last third of the stick – nice pepper, creamy smooth. We compare to things that we know and I keep coming back to the Dom Davidoff.

I am just about done, will be smoking till I cant anymore – great consistent stick made even more likeable as it was gifted to me by another BOTL, thanks Dave, to whom I will repay the favor in the future!