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Thanks to all for the great welcome!! I wish I was earlier, that way I could have gotten in on the Secret Santa deal!!!:s :w

There's such a varied geographical assortment of home towns here.
Question: where were you born and where are you now and how many stops in between? :D



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Mr. Mac-

How's it going? I was born in Anaheim CA, moved up to Ferndale (small farming and dairy town in Humboldt County California) when I was 5, went to college at UC Davis CA, and then moved back down south to San Diego California.



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Let's see. Born in Montclair, NJ, but only because that's where the hospital was. Lived in Newark, NJ until my 20s. Moved around a few towns in Jersey, until a consulting assignment took me to Chicago. Stayed out there 10 yrs. Loved Chicago. Would move back in a heartbeat. Now in northern Virginia.


Northern VA sounds like a step up from NJ..

I was born in Columbia (MD). Got out of my chair, ran around it once and sat back down again.


still puffin
ok first i gotta say dad was in the airforce before i was born.
(navy too but way before i was a thought).

born in victoria...never lived there
vancouver...5 yrs
toronto...5 yrs
germany...4 yrs
chilliwack...2 yrs
fort st james...2 yrs(dont bother looking for it on a map)
grande prarie...2 yrs
edson...22 yrs(home for life)

derrek :) and you madmac?????


Young Ape
Born in Vancouver,
Okanagan-1 1/2yrs

all my life in BC:s



Born in Bremerton, raised in Seatle, 2 years High School Bakersfield Ca., Up to Alaska to crab for a few years, back to Seattle at age 21, haven't left.

44 years in this damp, dank, overcast fishbowl. It's my Mayberry. Humidity is easy, so is keeping the temp below 75!


Born in Berkeley, CA. Stops along the way . . .

Alexandria, Egypt; London, Canada (in Ontario province); Ithaca, NY; Baltimore, MD; San Diego, CA; Laguna Hills, CA; Emmeryville, CA; Huntington Beach, CA; Reston, VA; BAltimore, MD; . . . and hopefully soon back to Orange County, CA.



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Born in Kent County Hospital in Warwick RI in 1984. Moved to Lisbon NH with my family when I was 1. Then at 9 we moved to PA, moved 3 times there, then moved to Vergennes VT. We've been here for 9 years. Next year my parents are selling the bakery and moving onto their 30' sailboat and are going to sail around the world. Guess I have to find a place to live huh? Thinking about moving to either Florida or Massachussetts. Well, thats my story.....


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born in queens, grew up in roslyn NY, moved to old westbury NY, to NYC(3apts there) to old westbury, to queens, to mineola NY, to great neck NY

this is all within a 30 mile radius.:sb


Young Ape
Yeah, they fell in love with sailing about 4 years ago, they've been sailing on the lake for about 3 years now, First they had a 20' O'Day, little day sailer. Then they got a 25' Cal, that one was really nice. And now they have a 30' Pearson. That one is the nicest of the 3. They deceided it was time to get some time for themselves, before they are too old to sail and buy an RV. LOL! But it's going to be a working vacation, they'll need to stop and work at resorts for a couple months at a time for money, but they have the experience, Mom was the head pastry chef at 2 New England inn's, and Dad was a mechanic for VW, and works on all the familys cars all the time, so they both can make it. I'm jealous of them though. But hey, they earned it, and I'm still a kid, so I need to work for my play time! :) BTW, what kind of boat was yours?


Thats pretty cool BJ, I hope to do the same when I'm in my late 50's or so. But right now I'm satisfied with sailing lasers for my college sailing team:)


We lived on a Hardin Force 50, 52ft. on deck, 59 ft. overall. Had the two kids and two dogs, I loved every minute of it. This is a pic of a Force 50. I get kinda wet just looking at it. Thank God for memories.


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Born in Queens, NY.

Grew up in Houston, TX for about 12 years.

Been in Atlanta, GA since 1987.

Looking to be working in the New England area sometime after finishing with school.