San Diego: Liberty Tobacco


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Neighborhood: Kearny Mesa
7341 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 292-1772

Been there since 1975 with a large assortment of cigars, pipes and supplies. Has indoor TV and an outdoor patio. Has Wi-Fi and a friendly atmosphere. It also has nearby Mexican and Vietnamese eateries. Nice shop.

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SR Mike

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I will bump this one. Liberty is my local hangout, I am there almost 4 days a week. If in San Diego stop on by, friendly staff, great regulars, and a lot of fun.


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yes, Liberty is very nice. People say hello when you walk in and goodbye when you leave. Card games being constantly played, tv, people always dropping by with something they or their wife baked or cooked at home. Charlie is the owner. He is a great guy. Always having cigar specials during sporting events, or holidays. This last St. patricks day he was giving away stogies if you got up and sang an irish song. Great place.:ss


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This is good info. We live in Temecula and often spend a weekend at the GasLamp District. We'll have to put this place on our "list" of things to do!!