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I have had more success using a punch rather than a cutter with these.:2
Agreed. Though i punch everything, so it is no suprise that i punch them. Occasionally, though, even a punch will ruin the cap...

The flavor, burn, smoke, and price, however, more than make up for any shortcomings in wrap...


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DM's are delicious. I do believe I have the Quixote and La Mancha in my cooler. If you need some persuasion just PM me your address...


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My suggestion would be to get both and try them out. They are both good smokes. If you want to try only one, you should be fine with the EF. I tried it about a month and a half after I started smoking and it didn't knock me out. Liked it so much I bought a box of Madrids. It goes great with spicy foods. I enjoyed the DM as well but I didn't think it was as flavorful as some of my other favorite maduros.

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I just got around to smoking the Double Maduro I had laying around, and I found it to be very good. I need to try a second one for confirmation and the Extra Fuerte now, but never get around to it for some reason.


I love the SP Double Maduro, which has to be one of the smoothest cigars I've ever smoked. I nubbed it 'till I almost burnt my lips, without even a trace of harshness. The volume of smoke they produce is also remarkable. Thick, white, and billowing from the cigar constantly, even as it sits in the ashtray between draws.


I'm a relative newbie but have really enjoyed the SP Extra Fuerte Cordobas. Price cannot be beat, and it really is not that strong, at least to my tastes. Great rich flavor but no harshness


I like both depending on my mood. I've got a bunch of Dbl Maduros in my humi and have had a few fivers of the EFs. I didn't think either one of them was overly powerful, even when I first started out smoking cigars. They have very different flavor profiles, so get one or two of each and see which one you like best.

It's already been noted, though, that the caps do tend to be a little flimsy, but it isn't too big an issue (at least for me). Also, when they're fresh, like most cigars, they'll be a little rough. Give them some time to mellow and they'll be very pleasant.


I love the DM Escuderos....smoked a half box and purchased two more to sleep in the humi.....great smoke for 49.95 per box. :)


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I have to say, today I smoked my SP Extra Fuerte, with about 1 month of aging on it, and it was excellent. For only 4 bucks, you cant beat it.


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Like almost everyone else has said before: this is a very good smoke. The price makes it a bonus!