Saturday Mornings


Elder Jungle Leader
I just dragged my ass out of bed five minutes ago. :)
I'm gonna stumble to the kitchen and make some coffee, then I'm gonna go out to the shop and see how the poly set up on a couple boxes I'm finishing.
Then I think I'll start working on a new project. :tu


Maturing Primate
I get to spend my Saturday morning here at work (IT Dept). All kinds of crazy network problems going here. :hn Actually, I should probably be tending to that matter right now.

Oh well, I expect to be relaxing this afternoon with either an Opus or PAM26, depending on how the rest of the day goes!


Evolving Lead Gorilla
What a great morning. Cool & sunny. Just finished a couple cups of coffee with hazelnut creamer and a Famous Value 100 Honduran. Very nice cheap mild smoke for the AM.

Now it's off on a little road trip to watch my son's D3 college soccer game. :tu

Mark C

Lowland Gorilla
Calm morning, but an ugly morning. Haven't seen the sun for a few days, and everything outside is wet so I can't smoke, and instead of watching my Hokies take on Nebraska, ABC is putting Illinois at Penn St. on tv tonight. Gotta find a bar tonight I guess... but no smoking there either.


Maturing Primate
Got some Kaua'i premium coffee brewing in the machine :) Saturday mornings are always good simply for being off work. I don't smoke so earlier in the morning so perhaps this is more of a "good Saturday afternoon" post for me - planning on having my first glass tubed Bolivar Suntuoso En Tubos Colosale (the largest size) :ss Can't wait!



Young Ape
Beautiful morning here in Tulsa. Sunny, cool, and quiet.
I have College Gameday on the tube instead of Noggin or Nick Jr.. at least til the little boys wake up.

Enjoying some Hawiian coffe and my favorite short, morning with coffee, smoke, a RP Vintage 1999 Connecticut perfecto. About 4 x 48 I think. An easy 30 minutes.


Young Ape
Im about to go onto my back porch with a Punch Rare Corojo El Doble and start reading a new book. I just made a pot of coffee from the beans I roasted a few days ago. I have my two smoking buddies(my dogs) to keep me company. I love weekends!!!:ss


Come get some!!!
This morning it was hermeneutics, I'm a seminary student.
Cool. My wife and I are both grad students and have been involved in qualitative research where we have touched on hermeneutics. But that's a little different from what you are doing assuming that it's related to religious/biblical texts.

Good luck with your studies.:tu


I am glad someone out there gets to enjoy the weekend. No I am not glad... I have to work. Anyone who thinks owning your own business means you can choose your own hours needs to have their head examined.