Saturday Mornings


C is for cookie
Sitting in my chair, sick as a dog. No appetite, coughing, sneezing, congested, ears popping and for some reason my bank thought it was OK to deduct 2 car payments from my account in one day.

Needless to say, my Saturday is suckin. :mad:


Flying Ape
This Sat I am getting ready to go fly a helicopter to a local airshow and sit as a static display for the day. Alaways fun.


i have a diet dr. pepper and a serie V torp on deck for when i get home :tu

My favorite pop to drink while smoking.

I will take my daughter to equestrian lessons and then my wife and I will walk around a farmers market buying hamburg, cheese and whatever. At noon I will head to my favorite B&M and smoke either a Don Carlos or a VSG while watching football.


Alpha Silverback
I just walked out to my truck to see if I have a load yet.I Didn't so I sent a message saying I was ready to go.

WOW what an exciting morning...

Think I'll go back to sleep..


Changing a diaper making breakfast and listening to cartoons :) But yes I agree it is a great Morning.
:tpd: I wish I could be doing this right now with my little guy... I've been at work since 7am. Thank God he invented Sundays though!!


Alpha Silverback
6:30 am - I should be in bed, but have to run some files to validate the new software install.

I guess it could be worse.


Alpha Silverback
Making some coffee to have with a SLR A. Then, it will probably be time to get ready and go to a family wedding ... an all-day ordeal. Hope I'm home in time to see at least part of the Mizzou-Nebraska game this evening.


The morning is almost gone. Went to the cleaners, got a hair cut, picked up breakfast on the way home. Started a pot of killer chili and now the Hawkeyes are trying to give the game to Michigan State. I think I'll go start one of my new Taboo HSG Coronas. :gn


Young Ape
Sitting down checking the posts, having a great cup of coffee, listening to my son watch Peep and the Great Big World. Getting things ready for his fourth birthday party. Daughter is asleep in her swing. Trying to decide what to smoke tonight after the little ones go to bed. All in all a pretty good morning.:tu


Elder Jungle Leader
This time of year, normally get up at 0430 to 0500 depending upon when the cat wakes me up, have a cup or two of tea and a cigar on the porch and then go officiate a football game. Winter, officiate later in the day and into the night depending upon schedule. Spring and summer, depends upon ump assignments for baseball. Keeps me busy but pays for my cigars.:tu


Sitting on my balcony, listening to the radio, looking over the city, smoking a Taboo Twist, and sipping on a hot cup of coffee. Could it get any better?

How are you spending your Saturday morning?
Counting your 1 Million Dollars in cold hard cash!:D


C is for cookie
Just finished cleaning up the shop, going to open in 20 mins and smoke my 1st cigar in almost 2 weeks. :tu


Elder Jungle Leader
Had to get the wife's car inspected and an oil change... picked up some Bojangles... watching Boston College and NC State right now - 28 to 17 BC. :ss


Took a great car ride with my brother through winding back country roads. Too cold to have the top down, but we enjoyed the beautiful views and a terrific time together. :tu


ChestBeating Bruin!
I had a cup of coffee and headed out to buy some new tires for the wife's car. I managed to avoid the rush by 5 minutes. :)


Young Ape
Got my ass handed to me by an Alec Bradley Churchill. Wow. Never happened to me before. There are so many variables and possible culprits, but I'm assuming that's what did it. I hadn't eaten anything today. I was smoking on the porch, and it's getting pretty chilly out, here, so I smoked it in a little over an hour, which is about twice as fast as I usually smoke a Churchill. Two hours later, I'm still kinda queasy and woozy.

Hopefully it's just a flu, and not the cigars.:ss I'll have a big dinner and another cigar later and see how it goes.