Scottsdale - Graycliff Cigar Shop


Lowland Gorilla
Graycliff Cigar Shop
2515 N. Scottsdale Road #8
Scottsdale, AZ 85257


Mon-Sat 10am - 10PM
Sun - 10-7

Website: under construction

Run by a Great and Generous Gorilla, Mike. Nice laid back atmosphere. Prices are good, especially considering Scottsdale shops are usually spendier. I try to go there at least once a week for the fun folks the good selection and of course the occasional poker game or movie on the TV. I would call this my kinda lounge


I went here today while I waited for new tires to get mounted at the store down the street. Since I had an hour wait I figured I'd walk down, buy a stick and relax. Picked up a CAO Mx2, and Mike handed me a cutter, lighter, and the remote. Fired it up, put on "X-Men 2" and sat in a comfy leather recliner. Mike even hooked me up with a nice CAO America hat.

Just a nice place that's perfect for a little mid-week getaway. They are also doing a BYOB thing on Sundays for football. Too cool!