Sedona - Lightin' Up

Lightin' Up of Sedona
1370 W. Highway 89A, #13B
Sedona AZ 86336
928.282.7902 ~ 877.838.0137

Regular Business Hours

A small tourist-y type of boutique cigar show in the heart of Sedona. No indoor smoking section, which is a turnoff but a decent selection of cigars and the outdoor smoking patio connects with the Martini Bar so you can smoke your stogie and get served drinks at the same time. The prices are high but its the only place to buy cigars in Sedona. And pretty much the only place you can smoke without getting hassled as well.

The owner's name is Kevin, hell of a nice guy and will usually sit and talk with you and smoke one or get you a cappucino. A good place to chill if you're in town.
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Lightin' Up has officially closed its doors for business. Strange too. No closing announcement or sale or party or anything... just a sign on the door saying thanks for the patronage.