Serie V Figurado


Fill it up AGAIN!!!
Only had one but it was a little too moist for me. (B&M fault) I will probably try again someday but It might be awhile. For some anal reason I have a hard time getting past bad experiences.:hn Guess I am just retarded.:r


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Haven't had the figurado. had the Lancero, the double churchill, and the double toro - alll exquisite smokes. Had another Lancero tonight - wonderful.

I would not call any of them "full-bodied" smokes, but a solid medium body and wonderful nutty and subtle flavors with enticing complexity.


Alpha Silverback
I have a few of these, because they were the only size my B&M had, and I am glad to hear they are good smokes. I have had the Lanceros and they were not the greatest smokes. I hope the figurados are better, it sounds like they will be.


Illusione Pimp Ho
The Lancero was the only one I had that was sub-par. The Figurado and Dbl. robusto had more depth to me. I just like Figurados though. The V is a great blend.


Young Ape
The double toros are great, I just picked up some double robustos from taboo. Looking forward to smoking them after some rest. IMHO the Serie V is one of my favorite smokes for the price.