Smoke alone?

Do you smoke alone or with a friend most of the time?

  • I don't have any friends so I smoke all by myself and love every second of it.

    Votes: 138 86.8%
  • I have a dependency problem but I still smoke all the time because I'm really popular.

    Votes: 21 13.2%

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went to my first herf last week and it was a grand'o time.. but normally i have no friends i like to pretend i'm an Eskimo..



Evolving Lead Gorilla
I enjoy smoking with my friends, but most of the time I either smoke by myself with a book and a drink or sitting with my wife on the porch.


Newbie in the jungle
I find myself smoking more with friends, but a good cigar with a side of whiskey in the backyard is one of my favorite past times.


In my office at the Bing
90% of the time alone.

The garage,car or smoking room. Relaxing and smoking alone.


Elder Jungle Leader
For the most part I am a solo smoker, although herfin with friends is a much more pleasurable experience. But I find that I often "lose" a smoke when in social situations. Too much talking and the cigar goes out or I dont take the time to really sip as I am having such a good time with friends.

But you cant beat smoking a gar and taking Darrell(two l's)
money at the same time! :ss


Young Ape
I normaly smoke alone. I love the time to myself. I can st back, have agreat stogie and glass or scoth. ITs me time.

Having said that I do smoke with friends, it just seems they always want a cigar :ss


Evolving Lead Gorilla
There should have been a 50/50 option! I smoke alone and with friends equally I think, depending on who's around or what time of day it is. Lately I've been smoking a lot with friends so I chose option B. :tu

I try to smoke with my brother, son or a golf buddy. Sometime though no one is around. What's a man to do? :)

Bubba -NJ

Second Class Citizen
I do most of my smoking out in the back yard with my dog , dog doesn't smoke so that would make me a loner , eh ?


Maturing Primate
I enjoy smoking with my friends and having a good time. But at times hanging out while smoking distracts you from enjoying your cigar. Either way is good with me, but sitting in the cold by myself doesnt sound fun, in the summer I am sure I will smoke alone more often.


Old Sailor's Grasshopper
I am a person who almost always smokes with someone else. While I love cigars, it's more about the experience for me than the cigar, and standing outside in the snow by myself isn't that great of a time for me. Get a buddy involved, and just having someone to talk to makes it much more worth while. In the summer I'll smoke every now and then by myself, but for the most part I won't light up unless I have someone to do it with. I was just curious how many people here at CS smoke alone most of the time or smoke with others most of the time.
In the winter it just isn't nice enough to smoke by myself. The summer is a different story. I kinda like sitting on the back deck, smoking a cigar in the fading light all by myself, just watching the world go by. Not that I'll turn down smoking with someone, I'll just make a point of making sure I get some "me" time in the summer.


Maturing Primate
I don't mind smoking alone but I do enjoy having someone else to smoke with, but that doesn't happen very often. So I just read when I smoke, I just grab a chair, and a book and have at it.


I almost always smoke alone. None of my friends smoke cigars, you can't smoke in B&Ms here, and the few on tribal land are too far away. Sometimes on vacation my wife will join me but for day to day smoking it's just me, myself, and I.


Young Ape
Almost always alone, unless you count my two Golden Retrievers. They probably enjoy my cigar hobby as much as I do - means more walks for them.


Elder Jungle Leader
I am from Saskatchewan and it is so isolated up here I am lucky I have myself to smoke with.
:r :r that's funny.

Strangley enough, now that I analyze my cigar smoking habits, I do smoke almsot all of the time with someone else. I stop into my local B&M and smoke while I chat with the shop onwer. I smoke with my bro in-laws on the weekends. The only time I don't smoke alone is when I am fishing.


Got Guns???
I swing both ways, with or without it does not matter to me as long as I am enjoying my cigars or someone elses! :ss