Smoking in the Cold Canadian Winter


International SOB
We people in the big D can always go to the outlet or the MGM, mmmmm sounds like another herf in the future:chk:chk:chk

Second Annual ?


Will Herf for Food....
I was thinking of getting another herf together at Fuze in Rochester. The guys from work met up with a handful of gorillas last time and they're still talking about it. Now they want me to set up another...

We'll see.

Hopefully the legislature will leave us the f#$@ alone and we'll still be able to smoke in bars and such.


Will Herf for Food....
I'm on the doorstep of Canadia, and we have 4 seasons...June, July, August, and winter.


I just moved to a new house that has a garage. I figure Im just gonna set up a table and chair in the corner and get a good heater.


Young Chimp
Like Boomer I live in Minneapolis. I smoke in the garage, with the heater from my ice fishing house. If it's a nicer day I'll build a fire in the fire pit. Or at the B&M. Overall though, I smoke a lot less during the winter.
I too am from Minnesota. Can you smoke in B&M's? I thought all public business's band us from smoking inside.


Lowland Gorilla
I head to my garage. I crack the door open a bit to ventilate, and I have a space heater so I don't freeze my pipe off.