Snoqualmie Casino Cigar Lounge "Lit"


Young Ape
Any Pac Nwesters know anything about the new cigar lounge at Snoqualmie Ridge Casino? Supposed to open in Nov and it sure will be Nice to have an east side hangout for a smoke indoors!


Resident Oliva Whore
News to me. Didn't find much on Google either.

Looking forward to it though. A bit of a hike from my place, but the more places the better!


I'm eagerly anticipating the grand opening since it's only about a 15 minute drive for me. I was at Southcenter last weekend and noticed they had some big banners up in their food court area advertising Casino Snoqualmie so it seems like it's still on track.

Here's a link for more info:
Sounds like it'll be on the small side but I like that they'll have a walk-in humidor.

And for those not from the area we're all excited because it'll join the single digit list of cigar bars/lounges in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area. That's right, there are only a bare handful of places where one can legally smoke indoors and they're all on tribal land.