Some good vibes for Shilala


Don't Worry, Be Happy.
Scott is struggling with his back.
I believe he has surgery coming up.

He's a great Gorilla, as generous as they come, and can use your prayers and good thoughts for him and his family right now.

Get well soon bro.

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good vibes heading your way Scott!

And if that doesn't work, at least some balloons to cheer you up :bl


Seven Down 33 to Go
Going to work the Karma wheel on your behalf Scott. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Let me know if there is anything you need.


Lowland Gorilla
Prayers for you Scott and your family. Hope things improve for you soon. Hang in there brother.


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As I guy that needs some back surgery myself, but am wary of even finding out what they need to do.....

Good Karma comin' at ya, Scott, we can keep the wheel spinning.


Softball Pitcher
The guy has been down in the back and still has a project a day?
I'm going to have to push myself to up my project of the year standard.

Kudos and get well soon, sir!