Some more competition?


Head to the grindstone...
Oh no! Not another black hole for my money...

Damn Lew, I buy enough cigars off you as it is. Why you have to go and do this??? Why........ :D


Maturing Primate
I'm sure I will be there bidding away. :SM

I'm hoping they will carry some brands that cbid don't and the bids don't go over what you can purchase them for regularly like so many do.


Cubano Gorilla Herfoso
croatan said:
Wow, I'm kind of excited and scared all at the same time...hmmm.
i'm with you, knowing JR, its probably another venue to push low end crap. I hope i'm wrong.


Lowland Gorilla
Great - Now I've got Cbid, the JR store in metro Detroit (15miles from me), the JR Internet site, and now a JR auction site. Then there are the 3 B&M's within 4 miles of me with great selections. My credit card is Doomed. Instead of retiring the end of the year I may have to take on a 2nd job just to support my visits to these places.


Head to the grindstone...
Anyone get their screen name yet? The auction site isn't up yet, but you can get a screen name under My Account.